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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

New Favourite Clothes Website

My bestie got me an Optimus Prime T shirt from This website last year for my birthday and I had heard of it but never bought anything from it.And i look at it all the time and think Im gonna buy that but never do..So with Alans birthday on the 19th of this month I got him this T shirt.! Freakin Bloodsport ha ha he loves it though! 

This is on My Christmas Wish List for this year !

It's such a cool website and has all the retro stuff and Old school! Makes me total nostalgic going through all the T shirts and wallets and stuff! All the goonies things and Top gun! 

And now this...its so beautiful ! I want one for Christmas so bad.Its like a scarf with a hood! How cool! Seriously!Theres like loadsa diffrent prints but i saw this at the weekend and liked it.Its from River Island.

I'll leave you today with this epic song! Its by The Rapture and it's the theme tune for e4's Misfits..(yesterdays post).Going out now and im gonna notch it right up in the car ha ha! Ned!

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