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Friday, 5 November 2010

Had to blog..You'll see why

So yea Im a twihard...not as hard as like some of those twilight people LOL but yea i crush pretty hard on Robert Pattinson.. I mean who doesnt..But i loved his songs Let me sign and Never think and i found this by him and OMG seriously..His voice is so haunting..and the little laugh in the middle..I think i may be in love..Its on repeat as i type this..god...Im heading away this weekend and i have a 3 hour bus journey ahead of me and seriously.. I may listen to this the whole way! It makes me wana cry and smile and love all at the same time! This guy should have an album cause man he would sell millions! This is " Ill be your lover"

Never Think - Robert Pattinson

Since im here blogging and youtubing I may aswell share some more vids im LOVING the now!
Mcfly feat Taio Cruz - Shine A Light

My chemical Romance - Na Na Na

Thats all from me today! Enjoy these little music vids that make me happy .


  1. Ummmmm, I had NOOOOOOO clue he had a voice like that!!! I've listened to I'll be your lover 4 times already!!!

    He reminds me of my "other hubby" Jonny Lang!

  2. Yeah, I crushes too. Love his voice, but hadn't heard I'll Be Your Lover - awesome