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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Just blogging some beautiful pictures in anticpation of the gig on friday! I will get there .I shall sprout wings out my arse and fly if I have to! Stupid mother-f**king snow ! GRR! Anyway to cheer me up...I present
30 seconds to mars..
*le sigh*

Heres some new pages all using Miss carly dee's new temps! She now sells at DSB!! WOOP
Click layouts for credits etc..

In other news..we have snow... lots of it and i am BRICKING it incase i dont make it to aberdeen for 30seconds to mars on friday!!!
Can only pray!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A new little page from me with Vera Lim's mini kit out today for Farmers Market
and now i have to scream because its T minus 8 days until me and Ciara go see 3 seconds to Mars in Aberdeen!seriously stoked!



Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Some new pages from me!

Woooooo pics from Paramore at the AECC in Aberdeen from the weekend!20th Nov 2010.
Me and Shell stayed with brosef Cahal in his flat and had an epic weekend!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

More pages :) Enjoy
oh and i love how Litabells reads my blog!
make me all fuzzy inside at her bootiful comments!
and yes im saving for a visit to OZ so get those drinks on Ice :)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Back with some new pages! A few personal ones and a few for ct work :D

Monday, 15 November 2010

Well i never did a new blogset lol! Will be back later with new pages :D

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

New Blogset

Im thinking of redoing my blog so If its blank for a while or messed up ... Im just messing with settings etc! Dont panic! Ill be back with my daily dose or jibber jabber soon!

Few more pages | Nov 10th

A couple more ct pages from me ! 

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Get Crazy|Get Wild

A last tiny little tiny blog from me.Its not even about anything... Just a ramble!I've just caught up on Jersey Shore woop *Fist Pump* .I love that stupid show ha ha! GTL and DTF and all that seriously makes me laugh so much! I love Snooks and Pauly D is such a cutie!!!It is seriously My guilty pleasure!Now that Ive got that off my chest im off to bed to watch re run of Misfits series 1 episode 4 on le Ipod woop!G'night all !

New Favourite Clothes Website

My bestie got me an Optimus Prime T shirt from This website last year for my birthday and I had heard of it but never bought anything from it.And i look at it all the time and think Im gonna buy that but never do..So with Alans birthday on the 19th of this month I got him this T shirt.! Freakin Bloodsport ha ha he loves it though! 

This is on My Christmas Wish List for this year !

It's such a cool website and has all the retro stuff and Old school! Makes me total nostalgic going through all the T shirts and wallets and stuff! All the goonies things and Top gun! 

And now this...its so beautiful ! I want one for Christmas so bad.Its like a scarf with a hood! How cool! Seriously!Theres like loadsa diffrent prints but i saw this at the weekend and liked it.Its from River Island.

I'll leave you today with this epic song! Its by The Rapture and it's the theme tune for e4's Misfits..(yesterdays post).Going out now and im gonna notch it right up in the car ha ha! Ned!

Back with a couple of Layouts .. The first two are just personal ones i did with stuff i bought in the DSD sale from Jazzmin Designs and FruitloOp Sally at 9 & B . And the last one is For my monthly assignment at Scraporchard and This month i Have Designs By Julie Bullock and Irene Alexeeva !Click for Credits.

Monday, 8 November 2010

*le sigh*

So my new fave fave fave programme is Misfits on e4.. God only knows where I was hiding out last year when it aired in NOV a fricking year ago but ive caught up thanks to Itunes and series buy and jeee suss i loves it! Series 2 starts on Thursday but ive effed it for myself cause I went and bought apisode 2 already and watched it ! Its dammmm awesome!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Had to blog..You'll see why

So yea Im a twihard...not as hard as like some of those twilight people LOL but yea i crush pretty hard on Robert Pattinson.. I mean who doesnt..But i loved his songs Let me sign and Never think and i found this by him and OMG seriously..His voice is so haunting..and the little laugh in the middle..I think i may be in love..Its on repeat as i type this..god...Im heading away this weekend and i have a 3 hour bus journey ahead of me and seriously.. I may listen to this the whole way! It makes me wana cry and smile and love all at the same time! This guy should have an album cause man he would sell millions! This is " Ill be your lover"

Never Think - Robert Pattinson

Since im here blogging and youtubing I may aswell share some more vids im LOVING the now!
Mcfly feat Taio Cruz - Shine A Light

My chemical Romance - Na Na Na

Thats all from me today! Enjoy these little music vids that make me happy .

Thursday, 4 November 2010

last post today | i promise

Just had to blog my latest Battle of the creative team pages :D this is challenge 4 last one! 
Rules were
You must use 10, and ONLY 10 different products by your designer.
You must have *at least* TWO products in common with your team mates. You can have more if you so desire, but TWO is the minimum requirement

In addition to this challenge, you must have a top 10 list of ANY type on your page. As long as there is a list of 10 on your page somewhere, you have met this requirement. Your top ten list can be any topic you choose, but you must have the list in numerical format on your page (this means you must have the numbers 1-10 as well as the list). The journaling may be in any language.

Last but not least, you may NOT USE ANY PHOTOS OR FRAMES. This must be a photoless AND frameless layout.

Heres mine