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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Only a few | from me

Me again with another dose of my layouts :D . click for credits yea yea you know the drill!
These last two pages are for the competition at Scraporchard .Its Last Bee Standing..oh yea  I got the Honey Bee spot wooo! so yea i get to take part in Last bee stading where for 4 weeks we get randomly paired and compete head to head and the winners from each round carry on.I won my first round with the bottom page.Subject was Paradox and after lots of googling and thinkng that was what i came up with.Newest challenge is Vortex.scrap whats in your bag basically....My bags ridiculously small but i did it! Im up against the legendary Bec so this will probably be the last page from me in this comp lol! Was fun though.!

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