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Saturday, 16 October 2010

BOTC | and a new page

2 new pages today! I love the photos on this one! Rory had the witches hat on and i think he forgot he had it on cause he wore it for ages! And Sophie was dressed up in her new witches costume she got for her birthday :D

This year im taking part in Battle Of The Creative Teams and im on Tracie Strouds team!Stoked to be able to use and pimp her designs cause they Rock!We Had challenge one heres a run was a recipe challenge so basically we got a formula and had to only use whats in the recipe.There was 3 options and our team chose Option 2..
10 hearts
9 flowers
8 stitches
7 buttons
6 frames
5 ribbons
4 papers
3 photos
2 alphas
1 font
also in addition to this , you need to use an equation of some sort. your team needs to decide on one equation and everyone has to use the SAME equation.
We came up with This + That = 
Click here to vote for us!Click Tracie Stroud on the list :D thats us
Thanks muchos!

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